poster: Integer Programming for Student Project Allocation
poster: Hard Variants of the Student-Project Allocation Problem
talk: BCTCS 2018 Student-Project Allocation Problem talk


  • 2018 - present: Creator of Program-able ( - A CS tutorial website aimed at improving basic coding skills. Articles on e.g. Command line tools, Git, Regex, Sed and Grep.
  • 2018 - present: Hacky Hour and Compumatch - Enterprises to share computing skills and collaborate with researchers in other departments.
  • 2018/19: Lead Instructor for Code First: Girls. Code First: Girls is a social enterprise to increase the number of women in tech. I was a lead instructor teaching HTML, CSS, UX, Git & version control, Bootstrap, Javascript and jQuery.
  • 2018/19: Teaching schoolshildren at the Quantum Cryptography School.
  • 2015/16: Teaching & marking Java Programming at MSc level.

photo: Code First: Girls Glasgow 2018
photo: Quantum Technology School 2018
photo: Code First: Girls Glasgow 2018
photo: African Women in Discrete Mathematics Conference 2018
photo: BCTCS 2019
Conferences attended

  • April 2019: BCTCS Conference talk - Durham, England (animated talk, non-animated talk)
  • September 2018: AlgoUK workshop - University of Liverpool
  • June 2018: SEA Conference talk - L'Aquila, Italy (animated talk, non-animated talk)
  • March 2018: BCTCS Conference talk - Royal Holloway, England (animated talk, non-animated talk)
  • January 2018: Invited Speaker, African Women In Discrete Mathematics Conference talk - Cape Town, South Africa (animated talk, non-animated talk)
  • June 2017: SICSA Conference poster presentation - Dundee, Scotland (poster presentation) * shortlisted
  • May 2017: Scottish Theorem Proving Seminar
  • May 2017: Industrial Advisory Board Event poster presentation - University of Glasgow, Scotland (poster presentation)
  • April 2017: British Colloquium of Theoretical Computer Science (BCTCS)
  • April 2017: Scottish Combinatorics Meeting (SCM)
  • April 2017: MATCH-UP 2017 poster presentation - Microsoft Research Centre, Boston, USA (poster presentation)
  • October 2016: Computational Discrete Matchematics (CoDiMa)
  • February 2016: Bristol Algorithms Day workshop
  • September 2015: British Colloquium of Theoretical Computer Science (BCTCS)
  • September 2015: National Taught Course Centre in Operational Research (NATCOR) Combinatorial Optimisation Summer School
  • June 2015: The Scottish Informatics & Computer Science Alliance (SICSA) PhD Conference
  • April 2015: MATCH-UP 2015 (organising committee)
  • April 2015: COST Action IC1205 on Computational Social Choice (organising committee)

Short videos